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Angle Security

Since its beginning, Angle Security has drawn on a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding to offer a bespoke security service. We are constantly striving to promote a company ethos rooted in honesty and integrity by providing professional advice on what type of system would be of most benefit to you.

Individual wants and specific needs of a customer will also be factored into the equation before presenting a price which reflects both the final design proposal and the customer budget. To this extent Angle Security can facilitate for exactly what you are looking for; whether that be a top of the range, highly sophisticated and technologically advanced security system or simply an efficient and easy to use 4 channel DVR with cameras and a monitor.

At Angle Security we deliver professional security solutions catered to all situations. We help customers to safeguard their properties and possessions with reliable equipment, maintenance and support. In short our main objective is to ensure your protection.

Finally, Angle Security provides highly trained engineers to install and aid you in the use of the system. Our professional engineers will take you through a step by step guide of the system, which will allow you to use the system to its full potential.

The Angle Boys did a very impressive Job for us. Our CCTV system was old and most of the cameras were down. They gave us a brand new CCTV System at a cracking price..."

Freddy, , Bobby's Tyres