4K CCTV and HD Security Camera Installation

CCTV System


Protect your premises with standard and High Definition CCTV (HD CCTV) installation. Expert installation and maintenance for all CCTV systems, for your home or workplace.

Fire Alarm


Keep your premises safe with our range of fire alarms and fire retardent equipment. Full risk assessments by our team will mean you get the best fire protection for your property.

Intruder Alarm System


Keep out unwelcome guests with our range of intruder deterrents and burglar alarms. At home or in commercial premises, we’ll give you the peace of mind you need.

Access Control


Secure access solutions to monitor, control and prevent unauthorised entry. Whatever your security level or access restrictions, we can help you find the right technology.

Who we are



We are a North London based security company, offering affordable and premium security coverage for home, commercial and industrial premises. Our speciality is providing CCTV installation in the London area, including High Definition CCTV (HD CCTV) complete with remote surveillance.

But, here at Angle Security, we’re not just CCTV installers; we’re specialists in property security systems such as burglar alarms and property access control. We also manufacture our own security equipment, as well as maintain and supply some of the best security products available. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and our team will help you to choose the best security equipment for your needs, including:

  • CCTV camera installation for all premises
  • Entry solutions for secure sites
  • Intruder deterrents and alarms to protect against unauthorised entry
  • Fire alarms and fire retardent equipment to protect your premises

If you’re looking for security solutions; from a home burglar alarm, to a comprehensive security package for a warehouse or office, we can offer expert advice. We can also help assess your premises, and ensure you get the best value for money from your security package.

Based in North London and serving Greater London, the Home Counties, Midlands and the UK, if you’re looking to upgrade your CCTV or security systems, speak to us first!

Residential & Commercial Security experts

At Angle Security, we’re passionate about providing the best security coverage for our existing clients and new customers. We know how important good security is to both home and commercial premises, and we want to make sure that you get what is right for your needs.


We’ve been installing and maintaining quality security equipment from our base in North London for ten years now. But we don’t rest on our laurels. In fact, we ensure we’re up to date with our training and our qualifications, and we also stay up to date with developments in our industry.

We’re an independent company, so we have no interest in selling you some expensive equipment that you don’t need. We believe that good service and support speaks for itself, and that happy customers are repeat customers.


What this means is, you’ll get expert and impartial advice, the best equipment for your needs and access to the best possible support and maintenance. From installing entry systems for a new residential estate, through to upgrading the CCTV and keyless entry for an office complex, we will provide an efficient and expert service.


If you’re thinking of upgrading your security systems, or you need to find a quick price for an upcoming project, we’d love to help. For a free, no obligation quote, just get in touch.

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