Residential and Commercial Access Control Installers


There are plenty of options to control access to your building. If you need to monitor, restrict or control who has access to your site, Angle Security are probably the best access control installer.

As a reputable door entry installer we can also help upgrade outdated entry systems, and help you with complex access requirements across large or multiple sites. Angle Security offer a professional security installation and maintenance service, backed up with competitive pricing.

Door Entry

One of the most common access control systems is via door entry. From keypads or swipe card entry, to video door entry systems or intercoms, we can provide a wide range of entry solutions. Specialising in Paxton, Hikvision, Comlit, Videx and SRS among many others.

These popular door entry systems can be installed either in new builds, or added to existing buildings. If you need to ensure that only authorised access is granted, or to allow residents to control and monitor who comes in, ask us about our range of door entry systems.

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Network or Standalone Access Control

. With a standalone access control system, such as a card reader or PIN entry panel, you can grant clearance to specific team members in advance.

A networked access control will give you full control over entry, with entry requests relayed to a central computer system. These are typically used in sensitive sites which require a high degree of access control, and are usually used in conjunction with CCTV systems.

Installing Access Control

Whatever you need access control systems for, our expert team can help assess and advise you to find the best solutions. We are experienced working with secure sites across London and the UK, and understand the demands of access control in high security locations. 

From residential blocks or estates, to high risk industrial or commercial premises, we can offer our expertise.

If you need a dependable team to create a secure access environment, get in touch with our friendly experts at Angle Security.