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CCTV Installation

When it comes to peace of mind, CCTV (closed-circuit television) is one of the best security options. We are probably one pf the best CCTV Installation Companies in London. 😉

As an effective CCTV Installer, we find it best to do a quick free survey, so that we can best advise on solutions. This is to make sure the CCTV System installation is effective both in terms of cost and coverage.

At Angle Security, we offer a choice of CCTV security installation and maintenance packages. Contact us for a Quick Chat





Protect your family and your property from burglars, vandals and other unwanted intrusions. There are a wide range of CCTV camera system options to give you the piece of mind you want at an affordable price.

Choose to keep your home secure with High Res Night Vision CCTV, motion activated CCTV,  HD CCTV & the latest 4K CCTV Systems

CCCTV installation is our expertise and we can have the cctv cameras installed in no time.

CCTV systems can be installed quickly and simply and is easy to manage. The footage is backed up to a hard drive, which can be located wherever you wish. Contact us for your brand new CCTV Installation.

Commercial CCTV

Whatever your business, keeping your premises secure both in and out of work hours is essential. We specialise in providing bespoke business CCTV Installation solutions so you’re covered, no matter what happens. Our HD CCTV systems for business can be monitored on site, or remotely, as you prefer. 

As CCTV Installers, we can provide ANPR ( Automatic Number Plate Recognition) CCTV systems as well as Face detection CCTV Systems.

If you’re looking for a complete business security solution, you’ll likely have CCTV as part of the bigger system. We can advise you how to optimise your business security coverage, with burglar alarms, HD, 4K CCTV Installations and fire alarms for complete peace of mind.

Support & Maintenance

We provide responsive and reactive support to ensure your security stays as effective as it can be. Our team are trained to proactively manage your security systems, so you shouldn’t need to worry about system downtime or faulty equipment.

Contact our team via our support line on 020 3507 0098.

For non-urgent enquiries, and to schedule an assessment, you can message us at via our website in the contact us page.

CCTV Resolutions