Fire Detection & Security Systems


There is nothing quite so devastating as a fire, be it at home or in the workplace. But these things can happen, no matter how much we plan. Minimise the potential for damage and keep everyone as safe as possible with fire alarms and fire protection systems from Angle Security.



Backed up by the support of our professional team, you can be assured that a fire doesn’t have to be devastating for your home or business.



Fire Alarms

We cover every aspect of fire security, including fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and wet and dry riser testing. You can be assured that your equipment will be effective in the worst case scenario, with our professional installation, maintenance and system design.


Whatever your fire alarm requirements, ask us how we can help keep your home or workplace safe from the devastating effects of fire.

Fire Security Solutions

Is your home or workplace really prepared? Make sure you have the coverage you really need with a full fire risk assessment and fire system design. Our team of fire security experts will look at the unique demands of your premises and offer solutions to minimise the damage in case of fire.



Setting up an effective fire security system takes more than just putting in a few smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. We have ten years experience working with commercial, industrial and residential premises to create fire security solutions that will save lives!



And, if you have an outdated or unmaintained fire system that needs an overhaul, we’re happy to discuss and take a look at the options for you. 




Safe & Secure

Angle Security offer a fully comprehensive fire safety service, from simple fire alarms to bespoke fire retardant systems.


Contact us for a quick chat and a free onsite site survey. Our professional technicians can go through the options with you and make sure you are fully covered.